Boys Basketball
Dave Allen Coach of the Year – John Trull
SMAA First Team – Zach Maturo
SMAA Honorable Mention – Jake Humphrey, Will Hendrix
SMAA All-Rookie Team – Jake Humphrey
MVP – Will Hendrix
Offensive Player of the Year – Zach Maturo
Defensive Player of the Year – Jake Humphrey
Coach’s Award – Jack Bean
Bruce Dobkowski Sportsmanship Award – Logan Fogg

Girls Basketball
SMAA Third Team (Class AA) – Mackenzie Emery
SMAA All-Rookie Team – Emily Bartash
SMAA Senior All-Academic Team – Sam Averill, Mackenzie Emery, Taylor Johnson
MVP – Sam Averill, Mackenzie Emery
Most Improved – Emily Bartash
Most Dedicated – Taylor Johnson
Sixth Player Award – Avianna Rath
Bruce Dobkowski Sportsmanship Award – Emma Abbott

SMAA All-Conference – Yvette Chevrin, Sydney Gaudet
SMAA Honorable Mention – Chloe Smith, Julia Swett
MVP – Yvette Chevrin
Most Improved – Chloe Smith
Most Dedicated – Julia Swett
Bruce Dobkowski Sportsmanship Award –Alexis Randall

Boys Hockey
MPA Sportsmanship Award (Class A South)
All-Conference Second Team (Class A South) – Gavin Sperlich (G)
MVP – Gavin Sperlich
Most Improved – Grayson Krause
Coach’s Award – Eliot Russell
Hobey Baker Character Award – Jared Harris
Bruce Dobkowski Sportsmanship Award – Tayte Harris

Girls Hockey
SMAA Senior All-Academic Team – Emma Steinbuchel
All-Conference Defensive Team (South) – Isis Adams

Boys Indoor Track
SMAA First Team – Zack Allocca (sr. LJ, sr. TJ)
SMAA Senior All-Academic Team – Hunter Goodale, Aidan McGlone, Andrew Pendleton, Ian Reilly
MVP – Zack Allocca
Most Improved – Sam Kovacs
Coach’s Award – Kyle Thompson
Bruce Dobkowski Sportsmanship Award – Mike Ames

Girls Indoor Track
SMAA First Team – Kayla Raymond (sr. 800, 600, 4×400); Hannah Stevens (jr. 800, 4×800); Delaney Hesler (4×400); Ami Beaumier (4×400, 4×800); Gretchen Biegel (4×400, 4×800); Abigail Nelson (4×800)
SMAA Second Team – Ami Beaumier (Two Mile); Delaney Hesler (jr. 800, Mile);
SMAA Third Team – Kayla Raymond (sr. 400); Ami Beaumier (sr. 800)
SMAA Senior All-Academic Team – Amelia Alexander, Ami Beaumier, Sarah Dube, Brianna Houser, Kanani Lopes, Abigail Nelson, Sydney Owen, Kayla Ryamond, Lucy Weyand
MVP – Delaney Hesler
Most Improved – Hannah Stevens
Coach’s Award – Emma Noonan
Bruce Dobkowski Sportsmanship Award – Amelia Alexander

Boys Swimming
MVP – Nick Sawyer
Most Dedicated – Gabe Stokes
Bruce Dobkowski Sportsmanship Award – Chris Roberts

Girls Swimming
SMAA Senior All-Academic Team – Cassandra Marshall, Christine Toy
MVP – Jenna Fecteau
Most Improved – Yoonji JO
Most Dedicated – Elise Ruona
Bruce Dobkowski Sportsmanship Award – Kirsten Kennie

Unified Basketball
MVP – Elyssa Franklin
Most Improved – Josh Small
Most Dedicated – Anthony Zarate
Bruce Dobkowski Sportsmanship Award – Sydney Owen

SMAA First Team – Caden Frost (106), Colby Frost (120)
SMAA Second Team – Cam Frost (113)
MVP – Colby Frost
Most Improved – Dustin Brewer
Most Dedicated – Cam Frost, Caden Frost
Bruce Dobkowski Sportsmanship Award – Andrew Thomas

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Sam Averill has played a key role in the Lady Scots’ many successes, these past few years.

Zach Maturo helped lead a young squad to the State Final this year.

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