A 2-year-old Portland police dog managed to track down a domestic violence suspect through a tangle of busy streets in the Bayside section of Portland early Saturday morning.

Dozer, a Belgian Malinois-German shepherd mix, followed the scent of a Portland man from the corner of Portland and Alder streets to the man’s home, police said.

Officer Jonathan Lackee and Dozer were called to the scene by a report of a man assaulting a woman on the street at 1:30 a.m. The suspect, George McQuillar, 64, fled the scene before police arrived.

Dozer was able to pick up the scent of the man and followed it to McQuillar’s home on Pearl Street, where McQuillar was arrested on a charge of domestic violence assault. He is due in court in May, police said.

The assault victim was a former girlfriend of McQuillar. Police did not have information about her condition.

Dozer was certified for tracking in February.

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