The Democrats in Congress need to get a life and do the job that we, the people, voted for them to do. They should serve as our voice and work on issues that will influence our daily lives.

They have done nothing productive since President Trump took office. The Mueller report is done, and now they are on a mission about President Trump’s taxes. Also, they apparently need to see the full Mueller report because there may be information in it where they can have him impeached.

They should stop wasting the taxpayers’ money and time and do something that will help their constituents. For example: affordable health care; working on the Medicaid program; working together on the border issue.

There are numerous other issues that need attention. So they should start putting their energy into working for us, the people. I was taught to respect our president whether I’d voted for him or not. President Trump is our president, so get used to it!

Patty Fortula-Kohn

South Portland

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