Regarding the news story about the victim of an attempted robbery that took place on April 2 on Washington Avenue in Portland, I am appalled that the victim fired two shots at a fleeing perpetrator on a busy city street.

The victim of the attempted robbery has the right to defend himself but the suspect did not display a firearm, only making a gesture indicating he had one. Even if the suspect had a gun as soon as the perpetrator fled the threat has ended. Firing two shots at the fleeing suspect is reckless, irresponsible and incredibly dangerous to the public at large. What if one of those bullets hit a moving vehicle, a pedestrian or someone’s house?

I am dismayed and appalled that he has not been arrested for endangering the public. I’m pretty sure if a police officer shot at a fleeing suspect that s/he would, at the very least, be investigated by an internal review board.

Stephen Perazone