The pathetic rhetoric that occupies our city government on the subject of caring for the homeless has reached the point of pointless. After countless meetings and backroom discussions sans the real stakeholders, Commercial Street and Riverside (again) are the best they have to offer. Apparently, ignorance is bliss.

The methodology and decision-making process has been flawed from day one. The most viable and all encompassing solution – the proposal to reuse the State Street campus of Mercy Hospital – was disregarded, ignored, disrespected for its practicality and not discussed or supported the city. No informed budget has been analyzed to compare the cost of new construction versus the reuse of a building that could have been serving the needs of the neediest by now.

Shame on those who actually believe that the complex of services can be delivered using the two locations under consideration. Somehow, pro bono expertise is worthless.

Curt Sachs


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