Congratulations to the University of New England’s Center for Global Humanities upon reaching the end of its 10th anniversary year, under the superb direction of Anouar Majid. Through these lectures, I have broadened my horizons in many different areas.

Majid has the uncanny ability to schedule lectures that are extremely timely even though he does this a year ahead of time. Presentations on global issues are presented along with local ones. From the conflict in Yemen to migratory birds in Maine, the science of happiness and psychotropic drugs, the lectures have varied topics. Never once have I left a lecture not feeling much better informed on a topic, no matter how familiar with the subject I am.

Majid has engaged well-known presenters like Bill McKibben and Noam Chomsky, along with lesser-known but equally enlightening lecturers such as Francesco Duina and Catherine Sanderson. Since its inception, the Center for Global Humanities has developed a reputation that has assisted Majid in attracting top lecturers in their field. So, a big thank you to Anouar Majid on his vision and hard work to make the center a reality, and to UNE for its financial support and opening this valuable forum to the public.

To check out the Global Humanities Center, their website is Here you can locate the upcoming events and links to past lectures.

The final presentation of the season, by R. Marie Griffith, titled “God and Sex in America,” will take place April 29 on the Portland campus. Before the lecture there will be a reception in the Art Gallery. The campus is on Stevens Avenue in Portland. Hope to see you there.

Tom Patterson


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