My 2007 Ford Focus cannot take the potholes any longer. I have spent over $2,000 on brakes and a starter.

My family and friends swear at me every time I roll over another pothole. I very patiently explain there is nothing in the road/street/highway except a beautiful collection of potholes.

My sister lives near Washington, D.C.  She tells me faithfully, “Lucy, do not worry. Remember, your loving Heavenly Father cares about you. Pray and do not worry about anything.”

Well, Lord, I have prayed and prayed since January 2018. I am finding more potholes than ever. I was wondering whether you were feeling it necessary to test my patience level rather than filling the potholes. Well, Lord, I tell you, if I fall into a pothole and sink into a deep sinkhole like they have in Florida, my prayer life will soon be over.

Just today, I was telling a guy who hates the potholes worse than I do that I want to see if God had a few spare angels to fill the potholes. McDonald’s cannot even fill the potholes around their restaurant on Pleasant Street in Brunswick.

I told someone I may get a child’s sandbox and fill each pothole, one at a time. That way I could pay it forward. If I fill one pothole, then maybe someone else would see my pothole and fill another one.  That way, all the potholes would be filled by the locals.

So the purpose for this letter is: My car is dying quickly – help save it before it goes to the happy dumping grounds.

Lucy Derbyshire


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