I am a member of the Ogunquit Select Board, but I’m writing as an individual who is one of three members targeted for recall by a newly formed group, Take Back Ogunquit.

This is a politically motivated recall. The day after the majority of the Select Board voted to uphold Town Manager Patricia Finnigan’s termination of then-Fire Chief Mark O’Brien, the recall initiator wrote, “We need to get rid of this town manager. The only way to do that is to change the Board of Selectmen. The first step is to create an affidavit laying out the selectman violations (any and all suggestions are welcome).”

Maine law allows a municipal recall only if an official has been convicted of a crime, but Ogunquit allows it “for any specific reason.” The ever-changing accusations are false. We have not violated any laws, rules or ethics. The pro-recall leaders want to regain control of the town and town manager by replacing the majority of the Select Board. I believe that elections matter, and attempting to remove duly elected officials mid-term because you do not like their opinions is undemocratic and a dangerous and costly precedent.

We currently have a diverse duly elected Select Board that encourages lively debate. It would be unproductive to have five members always voting the same, or looking over their shoulder fearing a recall for acting in the best interest of all citizens – not just a powerful few.

This board has a record of openness and addressing long-neglected projects after inheriting a very broken government. Our town manager is not beholden to special interests, and brings progressive programs to the town.

Let’s keep Ogunquit moving forward, not back to the days of favoritism, theft charges and dishonesty. Let Ogunquit shine and vote “NO Recall” on May 9.

Madeline S. Mooney


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