Nurses are truly at the center of everything we do at Northern Light Mercy Hospital, and we thank all our nurses for their ongoing dedication to our patients and for carrying forward the mission and values of the Sisters of Mercy.

While we celebrate our nurses’ contributions during National Nurses Week, we are grateful for the caring and professional approach they take with our patients every day.

Nursing and nurse education have a storied past at Mercy – one that is rich in tradition but also on the cutting edge of the transformation of patient care. Mercy’s School of Nursing remained an important part of our hospital’s contribution to the community from its opening in 1920 until the last class graduated in 1987.

We celebrated our centennial last year, and the school’s graduates continue to perform vital work in the Greater Portland area and across the country and the world. Compassion, heart, clinical expertise, and devotion to treating the whole patient, not just an ailment, continue to be the hallmarks of a Mercy nurse.

As health care continues to evolve and rapidly change, we like to pause during the year and recognize nurses for everything they do for patients.

Through a nationwide program called the DAISY Award, we celebrate the extraordinary clinical skill and compassionate care given by our nurses. Four times a year, Mercy awards this special honor to a nurse based on the nominations received from patients and community members.

Bette Neville is Vice President of Nursing and Patient Care Services at Northern Light Mercy Hospital.

Here are some examples of what Mercy patients have shared:
“When my grandmother broke her hip and wrist, my family drove straight through from Michigan. Upon arrival, I was truly humbled walking into the room and witnessing you, a compassionate nurse, helping my grandma and speaking to her like she herself was your family.”

“During my stay for my knee surgery, you blended technical knowledge and an outstanding ‘bedside manner’ with friendliness, personal charm and good humor.”

“I awoke in unfamiliar surroundings, in discomfort, and not clear. You were there, and I realized you were my ‘angel.’”

“You made funny jokes, were always happy, and, best of all, you made my dad happy and smiling even in the worst of pain.”

“You took the time to hold my hand, you were kind, never irritated, no matter how many times I used the call button.”

“I was confused, with no one to stay with me, and you stayed late to be with me, after your shift.”

These award nominations say it all. If you would like to show your appreciation for a Mercy nurse, please consider nominating her or him for a DAISY Award by emailing [email protected].

We encourage you to recognize the extraordinary care that nurses provide!

Bette Neville is Vice President of Nursing and Patient Care Services at Northern Light Mercy Hospital.

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