CMP ought to restore damage to Merrymeeting Bay 

CMP has offered $145 million in incentives to get regulators to approve the proposed transmission line through western Maine. The incentives include burying the line under the Kennebec River so it won’t spoil the wilderness experience of whitewater rafters. The huge transmission line that CMP recently constructed along the end of Merrymeeting Bay destroyed the most historic and beautiful part of Bowdoinham. As part of the approval process, I think CMP should be made to restore this wanton damage to the environment by burying this line too. 

William Stanton, 


Step up to fight climate change 

I worry about the future. 
I worry that the issue of fixing climate change is so huge and politicized that many people just ignore it. I worry that many people expect that our legislators will step up to the plate in time and ” fix it.” I worry that they are wrong.


I write this letter asking your readers to step up to the plate themselves and do 2-3 quick things that will take 15 – 20 minutes, but that could have a huge effect. They can do it right now.

1) Go to Scroll the whole page to see a fast and very easy to understand summary of L.D. 763, which aims to reduce carbon emissions by 40% over 12 years by placing a fee on carbon pollution, and returning those proceeds to all Americans equally, on a monthly basis, to offset any higher cost of goods and services. A practice that is having success in British Columbia, Britain etc. 

2) If you like to looks of it, email Jared Golden, Susan Collins and Angus King and ask them to support L.D. 763. (Chellie Pingree is already a co-sponsored of the bill.) You can copy and paste the same email so it will only take a few minutes. If you have extra time, contact your local state senators and reps and ask them to endorse it as well. 

3) Email your family and friends and ask them to do the same 3 things. 

We need to step up to the plate right now and do something to mitigate the causes of climate change. Worrying will not fix anything.

Margaret Duhamel,