Medical marijuana has been legal in Maine for many years and getting a medical marijuana card has never been easier.  Patients from every corner of the state are able to be seen in-person or via telemedicine for consideration of treatment. “Telemedicine” is the use of a computer or mobile device, such as a cell phone, to be seen online by a doctor; this allows patients to stay in the comfort and privacy of their own home while being evaluated for certification.

The popularity of medical marijuana has grown exponentially due to the positive benefits it brings to patients who use it. People who have suffered for many years with little or no response from routine medical treatments find considerable relief with the use of medical marijuana. Common diagnoses patients seek certification for include PTSD, chronic pain, neurological disease, or rheumatological conditions, amongst many others.

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New laws have removed “qualifying conditions” for medical marijuana cards. Essentially, if your doctor thinks medical cannabis might benefit you, he or she can certify you.

Obtaining a medical marijuana card in Maine can be done easily by your local company New England Medicine & Counseling Associates (NEMCA). To schedule an appointment, people can call NEMCA toll-free at 877-NEMCA-01 (877-636-2201). Staff will work with each patient to determine the most convenient method for being seen, evaluated, and certified right away. The cost for certification is $175 and the process takes about fifteen minutes.

Patients meet a Board-Certified licensed physician who takes a detailed history, reviews medical records, discusses treatment options, and determines if medical marijuana is appropriate for treatment.  If you do not meet certification requirements and do not receive your card, 100% of your money will be returned to you. All evaluations are HIPAA-compliant as patient confidentiality is an absolute priority and all rules and regulations applicable to the state of Maine are followed.

Maine has multiple dispensaries that are in operation across the state. You can go to a dispensary of your choice and purchase medical cannabis products with your certification card. Patients meet with a trained dispensary staff member to discuss exact treatment options and methods of consumption such as smoking, vapes, tinctures, salves, edibles, and oils.  Additional information on methods of use, strains, and effects can be found at:


New England Medicine & Counseling Associates is highly recommended, has been serving Maine residents since 2016, and is a locally owned and managed company.  Should your preference for certification be an evaluation in person, you can easily be seen at our Lebanon, Maine office which will have a medical cannabis dispensary right next door starting this summer. If you are a patient seeking a medical marijuana card in the great state of Maine, NEMCA will help you get started and get legal immediately! Visit us online at or call us toll-free at 877-NEMCA-01 today to schedule an appointment!




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