Thank you to Bill Nemitz for his June 13 column, “Asylum seekers need the help of Portland’s neighbors” (Page C1).

I know I am not alone in feeling saddened, helpless and fearful because of the state of the world. We repeatedly hear that we can ease the strife through kindness and love.

During a recent trip to the grocery store, I was feeling down because of the barrage of bad news of our state and country. When I turned down the dairy aisle, there stood a young man, his back to me, wearing a T-shirt that proclaimed “There is good out there.” I loved it and was heartened that a young person would express that optimism.

As Bill Nemitz expressed in his column, this is a chance for all of us to be kind, show acceptance and compassion for the asylum seekers and encourage our community leaders to extend a helping hand to the city of Portland. It is an opportunity we should not disregard.

Stephanie Betzold

Cape Elizabeth

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