Finally, a common-sense argument on the abortion issue. All hail Kathleen Parker for her June 11 column, “We should be talking about ways to end abortion.”

As a male, I’m not sure I have a dog in the abortion fight. As a taxpayer, however, I am not fond of my tax dollars going to pay for abortions. In her column, Ms. Parker writes: “Shouldn’t we dedicate more effort to tackling unplanned pregnancy across all races and wealth levels before we mandate that Americans pay for others’ abortions?”

In case you hadn’t heard, we have known what causes pregnancy for some time now. Of all the conditions absorbing tax dollars, pregnancy is the most preventable. I would much rather support funding for birth control and education over abortions – and wouldn’t that take some of the steam out of the debate and rancor now facing us?

Like many of today’s divisive topics, we have fallen into a routine of political posturing and vilifying anyone who takes a contrarian view. Wouldn’t it be refreshing for once to agree on a strategy that makes sense and actually has a chance to work?

My wife (my girlfriend at the time) and I visited a local Planned Parenthood office decades ago seeking information on birth control. Sadly, the mere mention of Planned Parenthood conjures images of abortion, which most know is but one of many services provided there.

This letter was not submitted out of political, ethical or moral reasons but rather as an attempt at furthering the discussion started by Kathleen Parker on the prevention of unwanted pregnancies. I prefer to label this as a common-sense and fiscal-oriented letter. If there is an issue that begs for a proactive response rather than a reactive one, it is this. Fewer unwanted pregnancies equals fewer abortions.

Steven Edmondson


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