When I first walked into the house on Munjoy Hill that I would buy and begin to restore 23½ years ago, one of the first charms I noticed was the view from its front windows of one of our city’s icons, the Portland Observatory.

Yesterday, I witnessed the total erasure of these views by the construction of the third floor of the building going up at 47 Monument St., a voluminous behemoth that occupies every possible square foot of the lot and grows as tall as it’s allowed, apparently. Sad day for me.

Though mostly pro-development, I’m shocked by the lack of concern for local context in allowing these giant structures to be built with no concern for impact on others’ property – in other words, for the pre-existing community. I look forward to actively participating in the consideration of a Munjoy Hill Historic Preservation District and hope that the City Council will urge it on.

Christopher Akerlind


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