The New York Times List of Best Sellers for the week ending July 14, 2019:










1. Where The Crawdads Sing

Delia Owens

A woman who survived alone in the marsh becomes a murder suspect.

2. Backlash – A Thriller

Brad Thor

Cut off from any support, Scot Harvath fights to get his revenge.

3. Summer of ’69

Elin Hilderbrand

The Levin family undergoes dramatic events with a son in Vietnam, a daughter in protests and dark secrets hiding beneath the surface.

4. Lost and Found

Danielle Steel

A photographer embarks on a road trip to reconnect with three men she might have married.

5. City of Girls

Elizabeth Gilbert

An 89-year-old Vivian Morris looks back at the direction her life took when she entered the 1940s New York theater scene.

6. Unsolved

James Patterson; David Ellis

A string of seemingly accidental and unrelated deaths confound F.B.I. agent Emmy Dockery.

7. Mrs. Everything

Jennifer Weiner

The story of two sisters, Jo and Bethie Kaufman, and their life experiences as the world around them changes drastically from the 1950s.

8. Big Sky

Kate Atkinson

Detective Jackson Brodie uncovers a sinister network in a sleepy seaside town.

9. Tom Clancy Enemy Contact

Mike Maden

Jack Ryan Jr.’s latest adventures take him on a mission to stop an international criminal conspiracy and deal with tragic news.

10. On Earth We Are Briefly Beautiful

Ocean Vuong

Little Dog writes a letter to a mother who cannot read, revealing a family history.

11. The Oracle

Clive Cussler; Robin Burcell

Treasure-hunting couple, Sam and Remi Fargo, embark on a new adventure to find a sacred ancient scroll and lift its curse.

 12. The Silent Patient

Alex Michaelides

Theo Faber looks into the mystery of a famous painter who stops speaking after shooting her husband.

13. The Most Fun We Ever Had

Claire Lombardo

he highs and lows of the four Sorenson sisters are illuminated when Jonah Bendt, who was given up in a closed adoption by one of them, arrives.

14. The Last House Guest

Megan Miranda

Littleport resident Avery Greer and visitor Sadie Loman become good friends until Sadie mysteriously dies. Avery must fight the clock to clear her name and uncover the real killer.

 15. Evvie Drake Starts Over

Linda Holmes

In a seaside town in Maine, a former Major League pitcher and a grieving widow assess their pasts.



1. Educated 

Tara Westover

The daughter of survivalists, who is kept out of school, educates herself enough to leave home for university.

2. The Pioneers

David McCullough

The Pulitzer Prize-winning historian tells the story of the settling of the Northwest Territory through five main characters.

3. Becoming

Michelle Obama

The former first lady describes her journey from the South Side of Chicago to the White House, and how she balanced work, family and her husband’s political ascent.

4. Unfreedom of the Press

Mark Levin

The conservative commentator and radio host makes his case that the press is aligned with political ideology.

5. Songs of America

Jon Meacham; Tim McGraw

Pulitzer Prize winner Jon Meacham and Grammy Award winner Tim McGraw explore how America was shaped by music.

6. The Sixth Man

Andre Iguodala

A memoir by the professional basketball player for the Golden State Warriors and 2012 NBA All-Star.

7. Howard Stern Comes Again

Howard Stern

The radio interviewer delves into some of his favorite on-air conversations from the past four decades of his career.

8. The Moment of Lift

Melinda Gates

An urgent call to courage and how women about themselves, their families, their work, and what’s possible in the world.

9. The Man Who Sold America

Joy-Ann Reid

The MSNBC host gives her analysis of Donald Trump’s presidency.

10. Sea Stories

William R. McRaven

A memoir by the retired four-star Navy admiral, including the capture of Saddam Hussein and the raid to kill Osama bin Laden.

11. The British are Coming 

Rick Atkinson

CNN’s chief White House correspondent details his experience covering Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and administration.

12. Range

David Epstein

An argument for how generalists excel more than specialists, especially in complex and unpredictable fields.

13. Maybe you should talk to someone

Lori Gottlieb

A psychotherapist gains unexpected insights when she becomes another therapist’s patient.

14. The Second Mountain 

David Brooks

A New York Times Op-Ed columnist espouses having an outward focus to attain a meaningful life.

15. Life Will Be the Death of Me

Chelsea Handler

The comedian chronicles going into therapy and becoming an advocate for change.