I’m writing to object to the proposed change of leashing dogs in Baxter Woods Park.

I bring my dog, a rescue named Zoe, to Baxter several times a week. She is trained, stays with me, never is out of my sight and is polite to dog and people — as are the other dogs there, like Pearl, Ruby, Dash, Rigby and so many more.

Often when I go, there’s no one is there.

My older dog, Lucy, doesn’t stay with me, so she is leashed. The Baxter dog owners are considerate and responsible.

The dogs love meeting people, people love meeting the dogs. Zoe and the other dogs playing there bring out smiles on the human faces. Dogs make people kinder, better.

Off-leash dogs is not only good mentally and physically for dogs, they are good for people.

Forcing dogs on leash would change all that. This proposal is a solution in search of a problem.

I’ve been to Mackworth Island and have seen the graves of Gov. Percival Baxter’s dogs. He appreciated dogs.

Portland is a dog friendly community.

There are not many places to safely allow Zoe off leash. Please don’t take it away.

Bonnie Washuk Zaccaro


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