BRUNSWICK — A company vying for approval from the Planning Board for a marijuana extraction and medical cannabis pickup facility has disavowed a Facebook page that contained questionable posts made in the company’s name.

Lucky 777 Lab is planning a medical pickup operation at 119 Orion St. at Brunswick Landing, site of the former Brunswick Naval Air Station. The facility will operate more like a doctor’s office than a retail store, owner Peter Bouchard said. Bouchard named a second Maine-based doctor as a business associate of Lucky 777 Lab, but the doctor claims he has no ties to the company.

Bouchard said the company is fully invested in serving the community in a professional manner.

That came into question Monday when The Times Record directed Bouchard to a “TCE Labs X Lucky 777 Labs” Facebook page that Bouchard said was operated without his knowledge or permission by an independent contractor who had been hired to consult on machinery. It is not a Lucky 777 affiliated page, Bouchard said, and the company does not yet have an official Facebook account.

Posting under Lucky 777’s name and listing the company’s Orion Street address, the contractor, who called himself “Weed Jesus,” made several inappropriate posts, including one using a racial slur on a picture of a goat and two involving scantily clad women.

Another photo appears to be taken from the point-of-view of a driver traveling on Interstate 295 in the Portland area at around 70 mph (according to the speedometer, which was visible in the shot) while holding what looks like a marijuana bong in one hand.


“The contractor has removed the use of our name and our lawyer is going to review all options and determine how we prevent this going forward,” Bouchard said.

The lawyer said Bouchard didn’t have access to or knowledge of the pages and that the posts “do not at all reflect Peter’s personal or professional views or values.”

“This consultant not only created the offensive content, but also appropriated the Lucky 777 name to his own use,” the attorney, Jill Polster, said in an email. “As Peter indicated, at the heart of the corporate culture of Lucky 777 is a passion for providing quality clean product for medical patients relying on cannabis for a variety of health issues.

“The pages containing the offending posts were not created, controlled, utilized or authorized by Peter Bouchard. Furthermore, Peter did not have access to the pages created by an outside consultant. This consultant not only created the offensive content, but also appropriated the Lucky 777 name to his own use.”

The Facebook page was taken down by Tuesday morning.

Lucky 777 Lab has applied for a conditional use permit, and if approved, will be Brunswick’s first marijuana manufacturing site since the town council passed its marijuana ordinance this fall. Elevated Remedies of Brunswick is expected to open a medical marijuana storefront at Industrial Parkway this summer, and Stone Coast Cannabis in Cook’s Corner has been operating for a few years and was grandfathered in under the ordinance.


“We’re not interested in the college kid market – we’ll leave that for other people,” Bouchard told Brunswick’s staff review committee, according to meeting minutes. “We’re interested in working with veterans that have PTSD, people that have Alzheimer’s, Crohn’s disease, chronic pain, anxiety,” he said, and will serve, on average, 12-15 people per day.

The company has a grow site in Auburn, and Bouchard has other holdings in hemp and CBD across the country, he said. The name was just something he liked, he said.

“Given the aging population of Brunswick, I believe the cannabis business will bring younger workers who have a keen interest in this industry,” he said. “Between our Auburn location and the Brunswick facility, we can offer a younger demographic the opportunity to learn both sides of the cannabis industry,” and some may even move to town, he added.

Matt Panfil, director of Brunswick Planning and Development, said the application is complete and is scheduled for review and a public hearing 7 p.m. Tuesday.

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