As parents of graduates and upperclassmen at Deering High School, we were dismayed by a recent article about the school. This sensationalized article doesn’t depict the school we know, where our children are receiving an excellent education.

The Aug. 3 article failed to highlight the many outstanding achievements and activities happening at Deering. Instead, it relied heavily on the perspective of a former teacher and a student who does not attend Deering to paint a negative picture of the school. The voices of Deering students, many of whom feel very positive about their school, were not included. The lack of balance in the article is lamentable and fails to meet the appropriate journalism standards that we expect from the Press Herald.

The reasons that our students choose one of our high schools over another are many and varied. As members of the Portland Board of Public Education, we will be joining the entire board, as well as our district and school leaders and staff, in seeking to understand and address the reasons for Deering’s sharp enrollment drop this fall. Unfortunately, that challenge has been made more difficult by this biased Press Herald article, but we will continue to work tirelessly to ensure that Deering continues to graduate many more classes of outstanding students.

As parents of Deering students, our message to incoming Deering ninth-graders and their parents is simple: You have made the right choice. Deering is a safe school that offers a challenging education to its wonderfully diverse student body. You will be positively impressed with the quality of the students, staff and programs at Deering, and we feel confident that you too will soon be #DeeringProud.

Abusana “Micky” Bondo

Deering High School parent; District 1 representative, Portland Board of Public Education


Marnie Morrione

Deering High School parent; District 5 representative, Portland Board of Public Education




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