WINDHAM — Windham police are searching for a man who banged on the door of a home Saturday afternoon while carrying a hatchet.

Officers were called to a residence on Webb Road around 2 p.m. Aug. 24 after a homeowner notified authorities that a man carrying a hatchet and wearing a Halloween mask depicting a baby with bright blue eyes and oversized buckteeth was banging on her door, according to a news release issued by police.

The man was trying to enter the home, police said, when the family’s German shepherd barked and lunged at the door. The man then fled into a nearby wooded area.

He also yelled at the homeowner, but she was unable to understand what he said, police said. The woman’s 12-year-old son was the first to spot the man.

Members of the Maine Warden Service and Windham police were unable to locate him. He was described as a dark-skinned male, wearing dark blue jeans, a light blue ripped T-shirt and a blue baseball cap on backwards.

Windham police said the encounter appears to have been an isolated incident. Anyone with information about the man is being urged to contact the Windham Police Department at 892-1000.

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