Seven-year-old Mason Bain, who needs constant attention and medical care from his family and nurses, is a happy, easy-going child, his mother Breydin Bryant said. A  5K for 7-year-old Mason Bain is planned for Sept. 28 9 a.m. to noon at Consolidated School. COURTESY PHOTO/Julie Scannell

KENNEBUNKPORT — On Sept. 28, a 5K fundraiser event at Kennebunkport Consolidated School will be held to raise money for 7-year-old Mason Bain so his family can afford the medical equipment to properly care for him.

From 9 a.m. to noon., participants can purchase refreshments, T-shirts and participate in a raffle, said event director Julie Scannell.

All profits will go to Mason’s medical needs.

Mason’s mother and Kennebunk resident Breydin Bryant said that the fundraiser will help the family afford two big items: a more accessible van and a Hoyer track lift, which will help safely transport Mason from place to place.

Bryant said that her son was born nearly six weeks early for reasons unknown. When he was around three to four months old, she and her husband noticed Mason’s eyes were jumping around, which doctors said was normal for premature infants.

When the eye movement didn’t stop, Mason’s family had him taken to a specialist, and after an MRI, it was discovered that a portion of Mason’s frontal lobe had not fully developed. This has led to multiple medical conditions that impede his ability to move independently and grow.


“He requires full care, 100 percent, every day, 24/7,” Bryant said. “He has two nurses during the week, and he has a one-on-one care at school. It’s a lot but we manage.”

Mason Bain’s mother, Breydin Bryant, said that she would like to do a yearly fundraising event to help financially support her son and family. She said that medical expenses can be tough, but the family is doing the best they can. COURTESY PHOTO/Julie Scannell

Mason is currently a student at Kennebunk Elementary School, which Bryant said has been a positive experience for him.

“He’s been great,” she said. “We couldn’t ask for a better school. He loves being around all the people. He just loves attention.”

Bryant said that Mason is almost always happy or has a smile on his face.

“He loves to be outside,” she said. “He loves to go on anything that moves, a four-wheeler, snowmobile. He’s just a really happy, easy-going, lovable kid.”

If the fundraising event in September is a success, Bryant said that there will be more events to support Mason in the future.


“We’re actually hoping to set up one fundraising event a year if this goes well and there’s a good outcome,” she said. “It’s not like we can afford it without the support of everybody. Unfortunately, Maine doesn’t have a lot of funding options.”

Scannell said in an email that Mason and his parents are well-known throughout the Kennebunk and Kennebunkport community.

“Actually, we’ve gotten a lot of community support over the years,” Bryant said. They’ve been really good to us. The community has been so great and helpful. We’ve been really grateful.”

As of now, about 20 people have signed up for the 5K event. Bryant said that there isn’t a participant goal, but she added that more will probably sign up as it gets closer to the event.

They are still looking for sponsors to support the event, she said.

Those interested in signing up or donating can reach out to Scannell or Bryant.


“There’s a web page, actually:,” Bryant said. “You can do that or contact me, and I can help:”

Her whole family will be participating in the event, Bryant said, and as long as Mason is healthy, he will be present, too.

Those interested in signing up or learning more can also email or call Bryant at 604-0965.

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