I am supporting Ethan Strimling for mayor of Portland. If he is perceived as “difficult” by the city manager and some members of the City Council, it’s because he is passionate and outspoken in supporting issues that help working people.

Real estate attorney Spencer Thibodeau, his main opponent, is pro-development, as is City Manager Jon Jennings. Portland loses its charm and authenticity every time another parking garage or “boutique” hotel is built to serve the rich, who flock here to enjoy the amenities. I shudder to think of how the city might operate without Strimling’s strong voice.

My husband and I met Strimling a few months ago as he campaigned in our neighborhood. We were impressed by his knowledge of issues affecting Portland and his eagerness to listen.

Ethan Strimling has shown, by his voice and his votes, that his first concern as mayor is the people. The pro-development folks have not.

Barbara Doughty


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