Now that the House has initiated a formal impeachment investigation of President Trump, Senate Republicans will come to see their salvation … once they think things through. The majority of them are afraid of opposing Trump only because he will attack them and engineer primary challenges, but they will figure out there’s a silver lining to an impeachment trial.

Anyone who has been paying attention for the past three years, starting with the Republican presidential primary in 2016, knows there is little love for Trump among Republicans in Congress, but how to oppose him and not face a primary fight instigated by Trump? The solution is simple: Once a trial is underway in the Senate, Republican senators who privately can’t stomach the corruption of Trump will realize it only takes 20 of them to vote to convict along with the 45 Democrats and two independents to attain 67, and Trump will be history.

Halleluiah. I can almost hear the collective sigh of relief across the US of A, and certainly among Republican senators who privately admit they can’t stand the moron (as Rex Tillerson characterized him).

To my friends and family members under Trump’s spell: Fear not, when you awake and the cancer on democracy and nightmare that is Trump is gone, you too will experience an uplifting, rejuvenated sense of peace and tranquility, and wonder how you were ever duped into supporting him in the first place!

Rick Kelley


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