We desperately need role models among our politicians.  This is just one of many reasons why Kate Snyder would make a strong mayor: She’s a terrific role model.

As an educator, I feel it’s important to teach future generations the importance of listening to and respecting others’ opinions. There is value in studying a problem, doing your homework, making decisions based on facts, with no eye toward personal gain.

Kate Snyder has shown herself to be a listener and collaborator. She has worked in the trenches on the school board and knows how compromise, and also how to make hard decisions while treating others with respect and grace.

This spring, I witnessed Kate speaking with a group of college students about education, politics and leadership. After her talk, one student responded, “I want to grow up to be Kate Snyder.”

Snyder is the role model, who I think should be the mayor of Portland.

Lane Clarke


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