No one is winning at the game of hiring a new town manager for Windham. Three times at bat and three times a strikeout. See a pattern here? Maybe the Town Council should try another approach? We certainly wouldn’t want anyone to think we’re insane here in Windham. I’m unaware of what process the council has used thus far; but I’m going to guess it didn’t involve any meaningful public input.

I’d like to quote Councilor Jarrod Maxfield in the Sept. 20 edition of your paper regarding hiring a new town manager: “The town and the council need to get into a better position so that we attract more candidates, so that our finalists aren’t often one person.” There is something critically wrong when you get no candidates at all and/or have only one finalist. Is it possible that Windham’s leadership has a perception problem? Maxfield may be on to something. With all that’s going on here, we should be attracting many suitable candidates. But who in their right mind would jump into the hornet’s nest which is this council’s politics?

Councilor Maxfield is spot on again when he says further in the referenced article: “Windham needs to make a change on the council and to have a more professional and positive council.” Are you the only adult in the room? I noted other councilors have made every effort to put a positive spin on the process thus far, but they are not fooling everyone with their personal agendas.

Jeffrey M. Pierce