We need to keep Councilors Bob Muir, Donna Chapman and, yes, Jarrod Maxfield. Yep, that’s what I said and wholeheartedly mean.

Councilman Robert Muir, much like Chairman Clayton Haskell, says very little; they speak only when they have something to say and when it needs to be said, and contrary to the response from some of the others, they actually make sense. That, alone is irreplaceable, but more importantly, they represent the real Windham character that some of us love, rather than the “Stuffed Trigger” version – looks but no life.

Councilwoman Chapman is very passionate about Windham, respects its real rural character and those of us regular people who have budgets and still would like to afford staying here. She’s a good balance to those who more love the Windham only they can create.

Councilman Jarrod Maxfield, although we basically agree on nothing, became my hero at the last council meeting. Generally, the council attacks problems much like remedying a water problem by throwing a rock in the middle of the puddle and arguing over how to catch the spatters. Councilman Maxfield threw out the idea of starting at the source (of the zoning, subdivision, rural character and growth issues.) Where are we now, what needs changing and how do we address those changes in a way that will work? The frantic, knee-jerk attitude, “We’ve got to do something!” only serves to make everyone angry and solves nothing. Instead, let’s do it the right way. So, yes, Jarrod Maxfield is a superhero; but we only need one of him, not three like he’s shooting for.

–Lynda McDonald