As the tension grows daily, the drumbeat of escalating evidence that would lead the House of Representatives to vote on proposed articles of impeachment, I am struck by the illogic of those criticizing the process and defending the president.

Terms such as the so-called emoluments clause in the Constitution and the impeachment process characterized as part of a witch hunt baffle me. If any other Republican were president, we would be carrying on business as usual (while bickering and fighting perhaps) as we dealt with the pressing matters of our country, society and planet.

Good, decent, conservative Republicans abound and would be potentially good leaders. In hijacking the Republican Party, and by cutting off at the knees anyone, Democratic or Republican, who criticizes him, President Trump has pulled the party off the rails. Now loyalty is to him, not the party, so much so that even Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell dares not offend the president.

I call upon Sen. McConnell and all other Senate Republicans to look at history, then in the mirror, and realize that they will need to vote on the articles of impeachment. If we are to keep our republic as Benjamin Franklin famously said, then we must put the will of the people ahead of the will of autocrats, billionaires, demagogues and people who somehow confuse their personal interests with those of our nation.

May we all have the strength to educate ourselves on all issues, local, state, regional and national, and then vote for the candidates, regardless of party, who put nation ahead of self-interest.

Stephen Grant


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