NEW GLOUCESTER — A group of residents called Save the Opportunity Farm View is seeking donations to purchase a beloved property in town.

The 25-acre lot is located on the east side of Gloucester Hill Road across from the Morrison Center, formerly known as Opportunity Farm. The parcel’s owner, Warren Gerow, recently received approval to build a house on the site, and residents voiced their concerns about preserving the open hillside and historic views from the top of Gloucester Hill.

So far, a GoFundMe page has raised $1,370 of the $250,000 needed to purchase the property.

To donate, you can mail a check, made out to Save the Opportunity Farm View, to 3 Estes Road, New Gloucester, make a deposit at Cumberland County Credit Union in Gray into the “Save the Opportunity Farm View” account or visit the GoFundMe page called “Save the Opportunity Farm View.”