After reading Associated Press reporter Karel Janicek’s article in the Nov. 17 Maine Sunday Telegram, headlined “Czechs use anniversary of Velvet Revolution to pressure prime minister” (Page A14), I was deeply disturbed by the fact that, with a few changes in some names and places, this article could just as well have described what is going on in our very own country.

The subheadline is: “Demonstrators want (Prime Minister) Andrej Babis to give up his business and media empire or resign by Dec. 31.” How eerily similar is President Trump’s stance in defying the emoluments clause.

Janicek continues, “Demonstrators see the populist president and his ally, pro-Russian President Milos Zeman, as a threat to democracy.” Just replace the name “Milos Zeman” with “Trump.” Throughout the past three years, I have witnessed the Trump march to destroy democracy.

“Over 250,000 were at the previous rally at the same place in June, which was considered the biggest anti-government protest since the end of communism,” Janicek continues. I believe that we as Americans can learn from the protesters in the Czech Republic. Czechs are marching to defend democracy. A recent ABC News/Ipsos poll indicated that 70 percent of Americans believe that it was wrong for Trump to pressure a foreign power in order to promote his own political agenda.

Let’s stand up for what is right and demand that Trump resign.

Rosie Hartzler


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