Police said a 17-year-old male was arrested in Yarmouth in connection with a Bath burglary,

Bath police said the teen from Columbus, Georgia is accused of a “smash and grab theft at the South End Park” that occurred Dec. 7 shortly after noon. Police report that witnesses say the teen take a purse from a car, before leaving with others in a 2019 Kia Sorrento.

Brunswick police spotted the vehicle on Mill Street and followed it onto Pleasant Street in Brunswick.

“We attempted to stop it and the vehicle attempted to elude the officer, traveling at a high rate of speed,” said Brunswick Police Cmdr. Tom Garrepy.

The officer followed the SUV onto Interstate 295 southbound where Freeport police began following the SUV and saw it get off the interstate in Yarmouth.

Booth said a Brunswick detective and Yarmouth police searched for the SUV and found it “suspiciously parked” at the Yarmouth Hannaford.  They found the 17-year-old suspect in the store with another suspect who got away and is still in the wind.


The purse and other items were recovered from the SUV, Booth said.

Police also believe the “smash and grab” is related to a similar incident reported at the same time of day at the South End Park on Nov. 21. The side windows of two vehicles were broken and purses were taken. Police believe the cars were targeted because the items were visible from outside the vehicles.

There were several vehicles hit on that same day in other communities, suggesting the suspects would do a quick smash and grab and go to the next town, Booth said. The suspects seem to be targeting vehicles to get purses.

“We are currently working several leads and branches of the investigation to try to identify other suspects and potentially tie them to these other car breaks we’re seeing up and down the coast,” Booth said.

Police want to make sure these burglaries are reported quickly so victims can put a hold on their credit cards and freeze accounts.

Booth said it is unusual in Bath to have vehicles broken into. Most vehicle burglaries involve unlocked vehicles. He reminds vehicle owners to keep their valuables out of sight.

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