Amanda Lin Carr

PORTLAND – Amanda Lin Carr, 41, beloved daughter of William and Linda Carr; sister to Russell Carr and wife Amy; aunt to Anita and Maxine Carr; died Dec. 10, 2019 of a bacterial blood infection.

In Amanda’s eloquent words. “I’m a gypsy, a healer, a wanderer and a dreamer, a lover and an empath, a musician and daughter, a sister and aunt, a friend and a jokester, a student and a teacher, an adventurer and a homebody, a perfect contradiction in an amazing life.”

Amanda wore many different hats, musician, and then a computer programmer. She re-trained into nursing seeking a greater purpose. She spent most of her free time making amazing friends and traveling the world. Her wanderlust was difficult to suppress. In 2015 she started a new adventure, a seeming contradiction that took her in new direction when she started her company, Changing the Face of Dying. (

She spent years in the health care field, first as a patient, later on as a registered nurse in hospitals and emergency rooms across the country, and then as an advocate, an educator, a planner and a doula in the end-of-life process.

This work was Amanda’s passion. Never before had something caused her heart such fullness than working to improve the end-of life process for as many people as possible.

A celebration of her life will be held on Saturday, Jan. 11, at West Falmouth Baptist Church on 18 Mountain Rd., Falmouth, from 1 to 3 p.m. There will be special readings, songs, and time for sharing your favorite memories.

Part of Amanda’s purpose was for people to talk about death and know how they wanted to be treated and to record those thoughts in a legal document called Five Wishes or other end of life directives.

Amanda, in her Wish 4, wrote, “Let people come as they are able emotionally. Laugh, cry, sing, dance-it’s okay to be happy, a bit sad and always a little weird.” There will be glitter in the tissue boxes.

In Wish 5 she wrote, “Don’t collect flowers and tears for my grave — pick daisies in a field and use the money for something you know will make me proud and smile.” If you would like to share what you did with the family please send messages to 368 Gray Rd., Falmouth, Maine 04105.

Please remember Amanda, her passion, her purpose. Live your life today, but be prepared for what it might bring tomorrow. Please complete your Five Wishes, your end of life directives. You never know when your family will need them.