Do you want Trump to be defeated? Then vote for the Democratic nominee. If that nominee isn’t your first choice, vote for him/her anyway and donate money. There are plenty of examples when people have not done this.

In 1968, anti-war folks wouldn’t vote for Humphrey. Result: we got Nixon.

In 1980, Ted Kennedy attempted to unseat Jimmy Carter. When that failed, it divided the party. Some folks wouldn’t vote for Carter. Result: Reagan got elected.

In 2000, Ralph Nader said there was no difference between Democrats and Republicans. That pulled votes from Gore and we got George W.

In 2016, there was animosity between supporters of Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. That pulled votes from Hillary and we got Trump.

2020 is too important to be doctrinally pure. Work for, donate money to, and vote for the Democratic nominee even if you have to hold your nose. Trump stinks more.

Mark Lawrence


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