In “Maine Voices: Indifference of senators and Golden to Palestinians’ plight does real harm” (Jan. 14), Palestinian life was seen through the eyes of Joan Grant and Christy Hammer, who visited the West Bank.

The commentary quickly diverts itself from mentioning their commendable act to embellishing a litany of evils Israel commits with regularity.

What is not understood, by the authors and most people, is that the history of Arab and Jewish relations goes back thousands of years.

Israel would love the Palestinians to have their own country and live side by side in peace. Israel has asked only that the Palestinians reject terrorist groups, such as Hamas and Fatah, as their leaders and spokespersons. The other stipulation Israel required for the Palestinians was to acknowledge Israel’s right to exist.

Terrorist groups such as Hamas, Fatah and Hezbollah are not so warm and intelligent. They call for the extinction of Israel and the Jews.

The “tinderbox” in the Middle East mentioned near the end of the op-ed seemingly has Israel as the main problem. The solution appears to be defunding Israel. Such a solution could end Israel’s existence and allow Arab terrorists to control the region. A result could be more 9/11-style attacks stateside.

My advice to everyone is to put all biases against Israel aside, come up with solutions that benefit both sides and not figure out ways to punish Israel.

Michael Clenott


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