Cheverus senior Lauren Jordan plays two sports for the Stags in the winter: basketball and indoor track, where she throws the shot put. Shawn Patrick Ouellette/Staff Photographer

Lauren Jordan likes to keep busy. And the Cheverus High senior was certainly busy this winter.

She competed in two sports for the Stags: indoor track, where she throws the shot put, and basketball, where she was one of the team captains and is the second-leading scorer and rebounder.

“And she’s very strong academically,” said Cheverus athletic director Amy Ashley. “She’s a special athlete, a special kid.”

Earlier this month, she competed in the SMAA track championships, winning the shot put while only making two throws. Hours later led the Stags to a basketball victory, scoring the game’s first eight points on her way to 15.

We caught up with her recently during a slight break in her schedule:

Q: How did you come about competing in two sports this winter?


A: I picked up track last spring. And it was fun and the coaches were like, ‘Oh you can do it in the winter too as long as the coach agrees.’ So I figured I’d give it a shot. And then I made sure it was OK with Coach (Bill) Goodman.

Q: Why did you look to pick it up last spring?

A: I like to be active. And I wasn’t doing anything else in the spring. So I figured it would be fun, something new to try. And my little sister (Hayley) plays softball, and I have to wait around here anyways to bring her home. I figured I’d do something with my time.

Q: In track, why throwing?

A: I didn’t want to run. And I knew if I did throwing, I wouldn’t have to run. So that was kind of my deciding factor.

Q: You do run in basketball and soccer.


A: Yeah  but I don’t find running enjoyable. I don’t think I could ever run just for fun.

Q: So you could never do the Beach to Beacon?

A: Oh no. Nope.

Q: Did you just take to throwing naturally?

A: It was hard at first. Getting the steps down at first, that was difficult. I mean as soon as I got it, I got it.

Q: What was (Saturday, Feb. 8) like, with the track meet in the morning and the basketball game in the afternoon?


A: I didn’t expect to be able to throw, actually, time-wise. I knew the boys threw first. So I just went (to the track meet) kind of to get myself going for the day. And then Coach (John) Wilkinson saw me there and tried to get it so I could throw earlier. Which didn’t work at first but we figured out a way so I could get my throws in before I had to go.

Q: You made two throws. Were you satisfied? Or was it just time to go?

A: It was probably a little bit of both. I probably didn’t have enough time to make the two throws but I figured since coach worked so hard to give me the opportunity to make some throws, I was going to take them. And we felt pretty good about the throws.

Q: Then you go to basketball. Did you have to reset yourself?

A: Not really. By the time I got here it was pretty much time to get down to the locker room and get ready to go.

Q: And then you score the first eight points of the game.


A: I had a lot of energy coming from the track meet. I had a lot of adrenaline and I was jacked up. So that definitely helped. And I guess I just felt good.

Q: Do you practice both sports every day?

A: Basketball comes first. I’m at basketball every day. And I’m at track when I can, usually once or twice a week.

Q: Why does basketball take precedence?

A: I’ve been doing it for a lot longer, I’ve put a lot more time into basketball.

Q: Mr. Goodman is the fourth head coach you’ve had in four years here. Has that been difficult?


A: It’s been difficult but it’s just part of life. You’re always going to have to adapt to new people, new situations, new surroundings. So I feel like it’s been a good learning experience. Obviously it’s been hard and I never expected to have four coaches in four years and I never would wish that on anyone because it’s been a really difficult thing. But it’s really beneficial too.

Q: You take a little something from each coach?

A: Yes. Everyone has different mentalities and mindsets and focus.

Q: How do you find time to do anything else in the winter?

A: I mean, there’s not much else to do in the winter. I don’t do anything else.

Q: How do you want to be remembered at Cheverus?

A: I want to remembered first as a good student, a nice person and then a hard worker. Someone who does what they’re told and does well.

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