Although Pete Buttigieg and Bernie Sanders supporters will disagree with me, the most significant numbers to come out of Iowa and the New Hampshire primary are not the names of the “winners” but the combined scores of the progressives (Sanders and Elizabeth Warren) and the moderates (Buttigieg, Joe Biden and Amy Klobuchar). Viewed under that lens, the progressive wing of the party is lagging behind.

In New Hampshire, Sanders and Warren combined to amass 35 percent of the vote. The more moderate wing of the party took 52 percent of the vote (Buttigieg, Klobuchar and Biden). More importantly, the more moderate candidates hold 36 of the delegates, and the more progressive candidates have 29 (or 55 percent and 44 percent, respectively).

Among the three moderates, the one who stands out is Amy Klobuchar. She is strong, straight talking, experienced and a woman. Being a woman is an advantage in the general election. Who is better situated to highlight the boorish behavior of Donald Trump than a woman? Who is better positioned to bring Warren’s supporters into the fold?

I want a candidate who is sharp, knowledgeable and able to look Trump in the eyes at a debate and call him what he is: a liar and misogynist. That person is Amy Klobuchar.

Gary Richardson

Biddeford Pool

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