I would like to commend Gov. Mills for taking COVID-19 seriously and implementing policies that attempt to keep Maine residents safe.

We all know Maine has an older population with many who fall in the at-risk category for this illness. It is important to act fast to stop the community spread of the virus so our hospitals don’t get overrun with patients.

While the “stay at home” order is a wise decision, it will not suffice if our border remains open to people coming from anywhere in the country. I have seen a myriad of out-of-state plates on our roads and in our supermarket parking lots. They have come to Maine to try to escape the madness that exists wherever they are coming from. I don’t blame folks for coming here; people will act in their own best interest. However, we will not be able to flatten our curve if we allow new cases into our population.

Gov. Mills must employ the best and only policy that will truly allow Maine to start to beat this terrible disease by the numbers: Close our state border to non-essential incoming travel. More Mainers will unfortunately and unnecessarily succumb to COVID-19 if she fails to use her power to enact this policy measure.

Summer property owners and out-of-state travelers can come at a later safer date. If you die, you don’t come back. I ask the governor: Please save Maine lives.

Chase Brown

West Boothbay Harbor

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