Candidate has ‘proven track record’

To the editor,

I am writing to express my wholehearted support for Anne Carney in her candidacy for the Maine Senate District 29.

Anne already has a proven track record in the Maine House (District 30), where she has ably served Maine citizens whose needs are often not met. These groups include children, pregnant women, the housing-insecure, and senior citizens. On behalf of these and many other constitu-ents, Anne has worked tirelessly to pass legislation providing affordable health care, workplace protections, and safeguards against financial exploitation.

Just as importantly, Anne has been a lifelong advocate for a cleaner and healthier environment. She has been a longtime member (and former president) of the Cape Elizabeth Land Trust.

In her legislative role, she sponsored legislation to ensure the environmentally safe cleanup of areas where oil tanks are removed. She appreciates Maine’s beauty and natural resources, and she tries her hardest to protect them.

Anne Carney is a dedicated and proactive community member who gets things done. We would be lucky to have her as a member of the Maine Senate in 2021.

Lisa French

South Portland