I believe that the Democratic National Committee forced Bernie Sanders to withdraw, and that they actually accomplished this back on Super Tuesday. That’s when they appear to have ordered all Democratic candidates with more delegates than Joe Biden (Bernie, Amy Klobuchar and Pete Buttigieg, but not Elizabeth Warren) to give up their campaigns.

They needed someone they could control, and had already decided that Biden, known to be forgetful, corrupt and failing badly in the primaries until then, was their man. The media would support whoever they dictated. The scenario wasn’t very different from four years ago, when the DNC sabotaged Sanders in favor of Hillary Clinton.

So maybe some good can come from this. Bernie and his supporters were definitely idealists and not controlled by anyone, least not their party. As alien as this may sound to be comparing them, Donald Trump and his supporters are also idealists. Coming from totally different philosophies, both ideologists want what they think is best for our country. Conversely, and historically, the DNC wants what is best for the power of the DNC.

The question now becomes, how do Bernie’s supporters vote? In favor of the party that sabotaged their candidate and his platform for two consecutive elections, or in favor of a slightly more reputable party? (Notice I didn’t say “more honest” party, because in today’s Congress, both parties vote for their own agendas, and neither party votes for what is best for the people.) Or do they write in Bernie? Create a new party? Or stay at home? I’d be interested.

Bruce Young


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