According to Bill Nemitz’s April 19 column, Gov. Mills conducted nine briefings with state legislators, online and by telephone. No public notification was given and no public access was allowed. No records were kept. The briefings were given to Democrats and Republicans, separately. There was zero bipartisanship.

While governor, Paul LePage held a meeting of a committee and was sued by then-Attorney General Janet Mills. Gov. LePage was unaware of the notice requirements, but that did not matter. He was fined $500.

Now we have a governor who knows the laws of this state and she knowingly and willfully participated in nine violations of Maine’s Freedom of Access laws. To make matters worse, she held different talks with the two different parties. It is clear to me that she did that so she could give her Democrat pals a far different story than the Republicans received.

To add salt to the wound, she made sure there were no records kept. They might turn out to be embarrassing to her, later.

Because these were done willfully and with what appears to be malice toward Republicans by our governor, I suggest that she resign. It’s one thing to make a mistake – it’s quite another to plan to break the law. If Gov. Mills will not resign, I ask that the Legislature remove her by whatever remedy is available in our Maine Constitution. She won’t be missed – Dr. Nirav Shah is currently running the state.

Is Maine Attorney General Aaron Frey investigating this matter?

Harry White


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