COVID-19 is costing us all dearly. It’s painful, frustrating and deadly. We are all suffering economically too; some more than others and I get that. But these “Liberate your State” protests are unnecessarily dangerous.

It’s one thing to protest for jobs – I’m not against that. But to totally disregard social distancing protocols is just ignorant and careless.

So for anyone who willingly shows such contempt for sound medical advice, are you “brave” enough to pin a sign on yourself stating: “I willingly disregarded COVID-19 safety protocols. If I get sick put me in an isolation room and don’t provide me any medical treatment as I have willingly exposed myself to this consequence and don’t deserve requiring any one to risk their lives now to save mine.”

Trump ought to be the first one required to wear this tag along with anyone else willing to advocate such thoughtless behavior.

Again, I am not against free speech or marching for a cause. I am against doing it stupidly. Such idiocy doesn’t just risk your own lives but the health of all of us. That Trump is actively encouraging this behavior is a disgrace and failure of leadership at the highest level.

Roy Estabrook

North Monmouth

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