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“Deep in the cold North woods lived a young Sasquatch. He was bigger than you and smaller than me, and hairier than both of us.” Thus opens “Squatchicorns,” by part-time Maine resident Ellen Potter, the latest in her series about Hugo, a Sasquatch, and his young human friend Boone. In this adventure, Boone commands Hugo to solve the mystery of why his new friends the Squatchicorns (Sasquatches with a unicorn-like horn) have become so convinced their cave is haunted that they have been forced to flee. “Big Foot and Little Foot” is a gentle and humorous fantasy series about friendship and embracing differences that will generally keep young readers (6-9) engaged. This one, however, feels less satisfying than the earlier books.

Amy MacDonald is a children’s author and freelance writer. She lives in Falmouth and can be contacted at [email protected]

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