Well done, Central Maine Power!

I have been following the for-profit New England Clean Energy Connect project since June 2018, and I felt the urge to commend CMP on the job they have done “snowing” much of the public about their “Clean Energy.” Peer-reviewed, scientific research proves that Hydro-Quebec dams do not provide “clean energy.” The “clean hydropower” is generated from gigantic, shallow reservoirs that resemble Tolkien’s “Dead Marshes,” with the bubbling methane gas and deadly methylmercury combining with other decomposing matter to make a toxic bouillabaisse.

The opponents of the NECEC are viciously attacked by CMP, Avangrid and the Spanish conglomerate Iberdrola. The majority of the “opponents” are trying to preserve the integrity of a section of Maine’s natural heritage while the proponents are simply trying to maximize their profits with little, if any, regard for associated direct or indirect ecological consequences.

Be reminded that: (1) this project is a for-profit initiative; (2) proponents have spent millions of dollars on dubious advertising; (3) Mainers will receive very little benefit from this project, unless one considers 35 cents a month and 37 permanent jobs a windfall; (4) Opponents followed Maine law to have the decision for the NECEC placed in the hands of Maine voters and have been under withering assault from corporate “slick suits”; and (5) if anyone compares the actual benefits with the real costs, this project makes no sense.

Snow in May? The snow will continue throughout the summer and into November. Wear your high boots.

Richard Aishton


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