Making It Work is a live, interactive online series that brings together business owners who are finding new ways to generate revenue.

Atlantic Sea Farms had a three-year plan to launch online sales of their specialty kelp products. But the arrival of the coronavirus and its impact on Maine restaurants forced them to launch in three weeks. Coupled with a digital marketing campaign, the company’s products are now in groceries along the Eastern Seaboard.

Likewise, managers at Independence Floor Supply thought they should offer their wholesale flooring services online at some point. That abstract notion became a priority as the company sought ways to diversify. Their new e-commerce website paid for itself in three weeks, and continues to bring in thousands of dollars in additional sales of new products.

Join moderator Carol Coultas to hear directly from business owners about their success and missteps in fast-tracking e-commerce plans.



On the panel:

Jim Werner, Operations Manager, Independence Floor Systems

Jesse Baines, Sales and Marketing Director, Atlantic Sea Farms

Holly Martzial, Marketing Manager, Rosemont Market & Bakery

About the moderator:

Hosted by Business Projects Editor Carol Coultas. Carol Coultas has been practicing journalism in Maine since the mid-‘80s and focusing on business journalism since 2003. She oversaw an award-winning staff as the business editor at the Press Herald from 2014 to 2019. This year, she transitioned to a new role as Business Projects Editor, focusing on events, an intern program and other projects to support quality, Maine business journalism.

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