Challenging times lay ahead: relentless and rampant inequality, systemic institutionalized racism, and warnings of irreversible environmental changes unless we act now.

Members of Congress, working with state and local leaders, must ensure that forthcoming decisions and policy proposals will tackle these long-standing issues and “do” right by the American people and the lands on which they live. Progressive change to assure everyone the right to live a life free of want, discrimination, and oppression is at the crux of this undertaking.

Bold, smart, forward-thinking leadership in the Senate is key. Betsy Sweet will bring voters the confidence that this state and this nation can be better than before. She understands the complexity and enormity of the upcoming challenges and the necessity of teamwork. Betsy’s life-long commitment has been to better the lives of Maine people.

Please join me in voting for Betsy Sweet for US Senate.

Luisa Deprez

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