After reading the article regarding the Walker Memorial Library (“City abolishes library Board of Regents over ‘dysfunction,’” June 18) I felt compelled to write.

I understand that there has been dysfunction at the library for years, a power struggle between the Board of Regents and every director, which has never been dealt with in a professional manner until now. Unfortunately, when the new director came on board last summer, she was put into a very difficult situation.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, however, when I read that the board chairwoman said, “It does not have a good director,” I felt the need to speak up. Rosemary Bebris, is one of the most friendly, courteous and professional people you could ever meet. As a member of the Friends of Walker Memorial Library, I have had several opportunities to speak with her at meetings and events and have found her to be very receptive to new ideas, which the board is not, always making sure what is best for the library. We are very fortunate to have her as our director. Since the Board of Regents was upset that she spoke to your reporter without their approval, I think that shows where the library’s conflict and dysfunction comes from and it isn’t “ among the staff.”

I’m not sure why Mrs. Reidman only heard about the board being disbanded the Friday before final approval because I saw a letter from Mayor Foley online in the council packet around May 30, which was sent to the council, the Board of Regents, the Trustees and the library director. Nobody was blindsided. It was public information on the city’s website that changes were on the horizon.

I thank the city administration for tackling this issue head on, having an attorney interview everyone involved and making an educated decision to abolish the board after receiving the report, which also was summarized online. It was clearly time for a change.

Lorraine Glidden