Matt Drouin, front, and Chuck Durand head out to fish Thursday afternoon in Lisbon. Adam Robinson/The Times Record

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Matt Drouin and Chuck Durand grew up in Bowdoin with not much else to do other than be outside. 

The close friends started fishing early and continue the hobby today. Both 39, the two were loading up their motor boat on Thursday afternoon in the Lisbon sun when they stopped to answer some questions on their passion for fishing, their pasts and what they’re up to now. 

Q: When did you start fishing?

A: “Started at 6, probably,” Drouin said. “6, 7, 8. Something like that,” Durand added. 



Q: Do you two know each other? 

A: “Best friends,” Drouin said. “Since knee-high to a grasshopper,” Durand added. 


Q: What got you into fishing?

A: “Boredom. Something to do as kids, there wasn’t much to do up in Bowdoin so fishing was a good thing to do, I think,” Drouin said.




Q: Do you live near water?

A: “We had a bunch of little rivers in Bowdoin that we used to fish,” Drouin said.


Q: What brings you to this spot?

A: “Smallmouth bass fishing. Awesome smallmouth bass and northern pike,” Durand said.



Q: Where’s your favorite spot? 

A: “I like to go up to the Magalloway River, up by Rangeley,” Drouin said. “I can’t say I have a favorite spot, anywhere you can throw a worm in and catch a fish is a good spot. I’m not picky,” Durand said.


Q: Have you ever travelled out of the state to go fishing?

A: “Not to go fishing but I was in the Marine Corps and so we went to a bunch of spots. From 1999-2003,” Drouin said.



Matt Drouin, front, and Chuck Durand head out to fish Thursday afternoon in Lisbon. Adam Robinson/The Times Record


Q: Do you guys do anything else outdoorsy?

A: “Boating, sport boating,” Drouin said. “We made it all the way from here to the highway, 95 goes over the river and you drive along the river road and you get to the white building. That is challenging. 

“I am a logger by trade so I guess that’s the only other thing I would be doing outside so this is a good escape,” Durand added.

“I go deer hunting and I am trying to get him to go and get an apprentice license,” Drouin said. “I’ll end up probably getting one. You live in Maine so you probably should,” Durand said.

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