To the editor,

A recent letter to the editor in the Portland Press Herald intimated that Sari Greene was not qualified to lead and compared her to failed politicians. I could not let that comment go unanswered.

Sari built a highly successful cyber security company that won the No. 1 best places to work in Maine award. Relevant to being a state senator are the skills she honed as a technology entrepreneur. She knows how to work with others to achieve goals and outcomes and how to analyze issues and problems – and develop and implement solutions. And she understands the positive impact that technology can have to make our lives better. She’s ready to take these skills and experiences to the Maine Senate to help her district and all of Maine.

Sari is also the consummate volunteer. Even in the midst of a senate campaign, you can find her most Monday and Thursday mornings at the South Portland Food Cupboard. Plus she coordinates the Food Brigade making sure that home-bound South Portland residents have healthy and nutritious food.

Originally planning to knock on virtually every door in the district, Sari has instead dialed thousands of phone numbers to introduce herself to voters. Those she speaks with receive something rare these days, a handwritten follow up note.

Please join me in voting for Sari Greene as your first choice in the Maine Senate primary. She’s anything, but an unqualified, one-dimensional candidate, and she’s high-touch as well as high-tech.

Gail Grossmann

South Portland

To the editor,

Running for office, particularly in this moment, requires a special level of dedication to public service. As Maine faces staggering challenges to public health and the economy, we need a state senator from Cape Elizabeth who is able to get to work on day 1, and whose work will be guided by a commitment to justice and service. Lucky for us, Anne Carney is running to be the Democratic nominee for State Senate District 29.

Anne’s track record as a civil rights attorney offers example after example of her commitment to fighting on behalf of working people and those who would have otherwise lacked representation, and her decades of community involvement tell a story of support for neighbors and local organizations that dates well beyond her campaign for public office.

Her legislative record is just as impressive: she received a 100 percent voting record from Planned Parenthood, and earned the endorsement of the Maine Education Association, the Maine AFL-CIO, and the Maine Conservation Voters Action Fund — the leading organizations for teachers, working people, and the environment all know that Anne will continue to get the job done on our behalf.

More than a dozen elected officials also endorsed Anne, a testament to the fact that people who know what the job entails believe Anne is the right person to do it. Anne’s experience, both in Augusta and in our community, presents a real contrast to other candidates, and at a time like this, we need someone who has demonstrated time and time over that she has both the passion and the know-how to deliver on her promises. I’m excited to vote for Anne Carney on July 14, and I hope you’ll join me in ranking Anne as your No. 1 choice for Maine State Senate.

Kevin Simowitz
South Portland

To the editor,

I am endorsing Sari S. Greene for Maine State Senate District 29 because of her commitment to end food insecurity and climate change. I volunteer at the South Portland Food Cupboard and I always see Sari there, sleeves rolled up and digging in to safely package and sort donations. I want the person representing me in Augusta to put in real time and energy serving my community. Her hours at the cupboard demonstrate her willingness to do just that.

I also like Sari’s plan to shift to renewable energy. To start, I’m a beekeeper and I want Maine to be safer for bees. Her plan will make it possible for all Mainers, and Maine bees, to benefit from clean energy and thrive in a healthy world.

Sari is a business leader and innovator, with practical hands-on community service experience, who will represent all people in her district and in Maine.

Marie Corkery

South Portland

To the editor,

I’m writing in support of Anne Carney’s candidacy for the Maine State Senate in District 29, representing Cape Elizabeth, South Portland and part of Scarborough.

Even before the current pandemic crisis hit, our state was facing a confluence of challenges in the areas of jobs, housing, education, affordable health care, elder care and climate change. The COVID-19 emergency and ensuing public health, economic, and social impact will only further increase the need to have elected officials that can work cooperatively to take on these challenges with sound judgment, experience, innovation, and empathy.

Over the last few years, I’ve gotten to know Anne through my position on the Cape Elizabeth Town Council — first, through her advocacy work to protect our open spaces and natural environment; and more recently as our representative in Augusta, where she’s shaped important policies and delivered meaningful legislation that has had a positive impact on our town and the district.

As I’ve worked with Anne, I’ve found her to be a thoughtful listener, deeply engaged on the issues, and someone who works constructively, even with those who don’t always share her opinion — and those are just a few of the things that will serve her well in the senate.

I’m happy to support Anne, and hope you’ll join me. And please remember to vote on July 14 or by absentee ballot.(Information about requesting an absentee ballot can be found on Anne’s website,

Jamie Garvin

Cape Elizabeth

To the editor,

Sara Gideon can beat Sen. Collins. Her experience as a two-term speaker of the Maine House, her intellect, her eloquence discussing issues that impact Maine people and proposals for change show her dedication to do what is right.

In contrast to Collins who hides behind decades old ads and sound bites, Gideon’s personable qualities are a welcome change. She has held 11 virtual town halls in these past months as well as before the pandemic. She is not afraid to talk to voters.

As a first-term legislator, Sara’s extraordinary political skill prompted her peers to elect her speaker the house. That was during Gov. LePage’s last term. I recall my awe at how astutely the legislature was successfully opposing his every move and reached bipartisan solutions that ultimately became law.

Once I learned, Sara Gideon served as one of the leaders during that time, I was convinced that she is the only one who can win this fall.

Her strong belief in standing up for what is right, was demonstrated recently. When Susan Collins aired false attack ads, Sara immediately responded with strong ads that featured news articles proving the accusations false.

Sara Gideon has the leadership experience, the character and communication skills to be a great leader and senator.

Vote f0r Sara Gideon by making her your first choice, for senator in the primary on Tuesday, July 14. She will make Maine proud.

Dana Trattner

South Portland

To the editor,

Our vote goes to Anne Carney in the July 14 primary. Last winter we witnessed Anne working at the heart of legislation putting the needs of Maine people first in health care, schools and the workplace. The bill she sponsored, and is now law, regarding safe closure of tank farms benefits our District 29 directly but also safeguards all of the other places in Maine that have oil storage facilities.

Anne is a focused listener, a thorough researcher and a careful thinker. Her legal training and long record of public service help her see several sides to the issues. Anne’s experience in the legislature, the committees she sits on and works with and her open problem-solving style will make her a vital part of the 130th Maine Legislature, which will face so many extraordinary challenges when it can safely convene.

Dr. Richard and Louise Sullivan

Cape Elizabeth