In the July 18 Maine Voices column by Mary Ann Lynch (“Why this Democrat supports Sen. Susan Collins”) lauding Collins’ independence and bipartisanship, there is a conspicuous omission: any mention of the current president of the United States, Donald Trump. As the “leader” of our country and her own party, he has been the antithesis of civility; he has debased his office, his party, the government, and the rule of law.

Sadly, the same morning I read Ms. Lynch’s essay, I learned of the passing of the great Rep. John Lewis, a true American hero. Only months ago during the impeachment hearings he said “When you see something that is not right, not just, not fair, you have a moral obligation to say something, do something, Our children and their children will ask us: ‘What did you do? What did you say?’”

Ask yourselves now: these past years what did Sen. Collins do? What did she say?

John Adams

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