I am writing because my family lives very close to the Global Partners tanks. My family moved to South Portland 13 years ago and we have experienced many severe health problems since we have lived here. I have been complaining for years about the disgusting odors and requested the company call me, but they never have called me back.

Since living here, I have contracted immunoglobulin A kidney disease (Berger’s disease) and have coughed up blood several times. I have severe sinus issues. I have had two miscarriages. When the ships come in to this tank farm, my eyes burn painfully and turn red, my vision is impaired and I get migraines.

My husband had a mass above his sinus passage removed. My husband and our two sons struggle with breathing and migraines. Both my sons have liver disease. If I had the means I would move my family far away from here.

Most of the activity at the Global tanks take place at 3 a.m. It wakes me up and I see mushroom clouds of vapor that are bigger than the tanks themselves. Recently I found a toxic waste sticker that had floated on to the rocks on the beach that I share with Global.

Constant monitoring, done by someone with the skills and knowledge of all the scientific information, is a must. This monitoring should not be done by the oil industry.

I feel I am paying with my life to support profits for Global with no real improvements to these problems. I feel very hopeless.

Barbara Saulle

South Portland

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