Flipping through the channels, as often happens, I landed on a baseball game. I was amazed and dumbfounded to see cardboard facsimiles of fans who apparently wish they were there, filling in the rows.

Is that baseball’s answer to the pandemic? Is it funny – or rather absurd? Do shopkeepers use cardboard shoppers to entice people to browse? Do teachers, teaching remotely, call on a cardboard student in error? Do movie theaters allow only “cardies” to fill in their empty seats?

Meanwhile, our pretend president is telling us that up is down and black is white and not to believe what we see and hear. It is quite bizarre – this joke being played on the American psyche.

And then, there are our fellow countrymen spouting the need for personal freedom, instead of wearing a virus-inhibiting mask, forgetting that they learned at one point to “buckle up” for safety.

It all raises the question: What’s wrong with this place?

Pamela Levere


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