In an era of cost-cutting undertaken by business entities, The Forecaster should seriously consider eliminating John Balentine’s “Here’s Something” column and, thereafter, provide a portion of the cost-saving(s) to a local food bank. Why am I so harsh? The preparation of his weekly column does not require any research or original observations/thoughts, i.e., no “deep dive” into the facts and details required to enlighten his audience, but instead, he offers the reader a “belly flop” on the surface of any subject under discussion. Am I the only one critical of his research prowess? No. A recent letter to the editor (“Reader’s pet peeve is pundit’s propaganda,” Sept. 4), written by Susan Chichetto of Bath, stated, “I decided to grade Mr. Balentine’s latest English essay … I gave him an F for research.”

Will Mr. Balentine undertake any research at all to enhance his knowledge of the subject under examination? Yes, he will. However, his usual preference is a “deep dive” into the Republican Party playbook and Fox News summaries, as a means to provide the questions and answers to any subject he is willing to put forward. Unfortunately, these biased sources can never replace a thorough placement of all facts and details from many reliable places before his audience required to fully understand a complicated issue.

Therefore, by eliminating John Balentine’s weekly column, The Forecaster can provide much-needed resources to a community food bank, while saving some money. The individuals who receive this wonderful gift will thank The Forecaster for its splendid generosity.

John M. Mishler